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Welcome to AZ Glass Pros

If you're looking for a quality company to service your vehicle's glass, then you've come to the right place. We specialize in windshield repair and replacement for both the general public and business customers in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ), and the surrounding areas. We want to be your source for quality vehicle glass services in the Phoenix area.

We Offer:

  • » Free windshield replacement with insurance
  • » Free Up To $150 cash back (insurance only)
  • » Free mobile service valleywide to your work or home
  • » 100% lifetime warranty
  • » Same day service (depends on location)

We are approved by all major auto insurance providers, so there is no charge to you if your car insurance includes glass coverage. We simply bill your insurance provider directly, so you get your glass taken care of with no money out of pocket. If you do not have glass coverage, our services are affordably priced and we accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

Any professional Arizona auto glass company will tell you it is always better to address glass problems sooner rather than later. Left untreated, small dings or cracks can suddenly expand and create an unsafe environment in your vehicle. Most auto insurance policies include glass coverage, too, so the out-of-pocket expenses are low or nothing.

Unlike many Phoenix windshield repair shops, we offer free mobile services to our customers to either their home or work. This makes it easy and convenient to get your windshield or other glass properly serviced. We want to make getting your glass taken care of as easy as possible for our customers, so you can safely get back on the road.

We are committed to providing high quality glass and windshield services, and we want you to be confident in the work we perform on your vehicle. All of our services include a free lifetime warranty covering air leaks around the glass that was serviced, moulding leaks around the serviced glass and manufacturer defects in the materials used.

Our lifetime warranty ensures complete coverage for you as long as the vehicle remains in your possession. AZ auto glass undergoes a unique combination of stress from heat and road debris (from all the construction in Arizona), so the vehicle glass failure rates here are some of the highest in the nation. Our lifetime warranty means we'll take care of any glass problems for you.

When it comes to chip repair, we use the most reliable methods to fill and treat windshield chips. Our technicians only use SICK Kits Chip Repair Tools and proven techniques for applying and curing commercial grade epoxies. With the proper chip repair, your windshield can be restored to a safe and clearly visible state.

Our technicians are certified by the National Glass Association, or NGA, which is the primary association in the United States for professionals in the glass industry. NGA certification for all our technicians including repair techs and installation techs ensures that your work will be performed correctly using up-to-date techniques and tools.

In addition to our NGA certification requirements for all of our technicians, we also use only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass for all replacements. This means your new glass will be at least as high in quality as the original glass that came in your vehicle. Many other companies providing windshield replacement in Phoenix, Arizona use cheap, low quality glass.

Most of our customers come to us with a cracked windshield on their car. Windshield cracks are normally a result of driving cars in the hot PHX heat and/or getting hit by road debris from construction. We recommend auto glass replacement for most customers because it doesn't cost anything out of pocket if the customer has glass coverage on their insurance policy, plus it eliminates any problems with repaired cracks or dings in the future.

While we service all major locations in the greater Phoenix metro area, we recommend SafePro Auto Glass for windshield replacement Phoenix. They primarily focus on smaller cities and towns outside of Phoenix.

While we service all major locations in the greater Phoenix metro area, we recommend SafePro Auto Glass for auto glass repair and replacement throughout Arizona. They primarily focus on smaller cities and towns outside of Phoenix.

While working on vehicles across the Valley, we see many vehicles with damage to their upholstery caused by the sun, spilled food or drink, pets, etc. For customers with damage to their leather or vinyl upholstery in their vehicle, we recommend scottsdaleleatherandvinylrepair.com


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Lifetime No=Leak Warranty

Our lifetime auto glass warranty covers all of the following items:

  • Air leaks or noises around the repaired or replaced auto glass

  • Moulding retention, leaks or other moulding issues around the repaired or replaced glass

  • Manufacturer defects with the repaired or replaced auto glass
Insurance Customers
We are approved by all major car insurance
companies and work directly with them to
handle your claim.

Payment Methods
Use your Car Insurance or:
We accept the following payment methods:

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Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 7AM - 7PM
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Sunday: 9AM - 5PM

AZ Glass Pros.
5025 N Central Ave #312,
Phoenix, AZ 85012

(480) 339-0932

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AmexDiscover Mastercard Visa Cash Checks

AZ Glass Pros. 5025 N Central Ave #312, Phoenix, AZ 85012